Our Services

We offer:

Sign Language Interpreters and Communication Support Workers

SLI/CSW are experienced and qualified professionals that are employed to interpret between British Sign Language (BSL) and spoken and written English. A BSL/English interpreter facilitates communication between a Deaf and hearing person, and ensures communication runs smoothly.

Hands-On, Visual Frame or Deafblind Interpreting

DBI are experienced professional interpreters that are employed to facilitate communication between someone who is Deaf blind and someone who is hearing. They communicate using hands-on Deaf blind manual alphabet or Visual Frame interpreting.

Note takers

NT are used to write notes on behalf of a Deaf person. It can be difficult for a Deaf person to write notes when they are watching a BSL interpreter or lip speaker, note takers provide written notes or a summary of lectures or meetings for the deaf client to refer to should they need to.

Lip speakers

LS are specially trained to be easy to lip read, they are employed to facilitate communication between a Deaf person and a hearing person through the use of mouth patterns, facial expression, gesture and if needed, finger spelling.

All our communication professionals have been qualified, trained and registered according to the NRCPD (National Register of Communication Professional’s working with Deaf and Deafblind people) for more information on qualifications and registration visit the NRCPD website.

As a company, we have our own public liability business insurance and meet all relevant standards relating to the handling of sensitive data and ensure we comply with all legal and best practice requirements.